Hawk Bullying Man in Own Front Yard

"YUM! That Head Looks Delicious!"

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Dud Gordon of Melbourne, Florida, has had a recent problem of a hawk bullying him in his own front yard. The hawk is “supposedly” protecting his eggs that are sitting in a tree in Gordon’s yard.

You would think with a name like Dud, this man would have learned how to fight a long time ago. Why he is still allowing himself to be bullied like a school kid in his own front yard is baffling. If a hawk kept dive bombing me and successfully stuck my head with his sharp talons on 3 seperate occasions, I would shoot that son of bitch. Forget being all PETA about it! It’s not like this guy is going to kill off the species by taking out the fucker that keeps trying to eat him. If he kills the devil bird, he can donate the eggs to the zoo like he was planning, and stop the bullying forever.  

Stop being a pussy Dud! Shoot him and get on with your life!

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